Jared Anderson

Pocket Position: guitar, vocals

When he's not busy designing roads and traffic signals, In The Pocket is just one of a few musical projects for Jared "J-Rod" Anderson. A multi-instrumentalist whose other groups include well-established ska-rock band PErFect ThYroID and area cover band The BIG Shoe, Jared has easily proven himself as one of the most versatile musicians in the Hudson Valley. With a great ear and attention to detail, it's safe to say that he has become ITP's unofficial music director and primary setlist writer. Catch Jared front and center at every ITP show.

Ben Basile

Pocket Position: bass, vocals

Co-founding member Ben Basile handled the low end for In The Pocket from it's beginning until his unofficial/official departure from the group in the summer of 2013, and continues to do so when he's not on the road. A talented musician from Wappingers Falls who studied music at SUNY New Paltz, Ben regularly tours with such bands as The Pilfers and Big D & The Kids Table. When he's not traveling he can be found playing throughout the Hudson Valley and on stage with ITP. Learn more about Ben at BenBasile.com.

Tony Basile

Pocket Position: trombone, percussion, booking/management

Tony Basile - one of the founders of In The Pocket - not only manages and books the band, but also holds down the low end of the ITP horn section with his #trendy trombone. A resident of Wappingers Falls, Tony grew up on a steady diet of ska, punk, reggae, and Tom Jones before finally discovering music that was actually popular. He began playing in his mid-teens, and is now a full-time student studying for his degree in eating right and being healthy...because he likes apples and thinks other people should like apples, too.

Christian Joao

Pocket Position: saxophone, vocals, rapping, percussion

Born on the vast outskirts of New Paltz, Christian Joao handles sax, background vocals, and rapping for In The Pocket. A SUNY New Paltz alum, Christian's music took him to California and back before joining ITP in May 2011. Locally, he has been involved with such groups as Liana & the Michaels and the B&C Jazz Duo, and is widely known as the member of the band most likely to make himself laugh uncontrollably. When not playing music, Christian nurtures long-term addictions to Netflix and the New York Yankees.

Steve Schultz

Pocket Position: vocals, keyboard

Singer/songwriter Steve Schultz was turned on to a career in music while in high school, but never imagined himself fronting a cover band until he was asked to join In The Pocket in late summer 2010. An independent artist whose work has been recognized by such organizations as the Songwriters Hall of Fame and New York Songwriters Circle, ITP has always been a simultaneous project running parallel to his original music. In June 2013, Steve released his 3-years-in-the-making album, Over The Edge, which numerous other In The Pocket members were heavily involved in. Learn more about Steve and his fedora at StevePlaysMusic.com.

Mike Siena

Pocket Position: drums, vocals

It was an off-hand comment that first brought Mike Siena to the attention of other In The Pocket members when the band was forming, and he's been the backbone of the group since the beginning. In fact, as the member of the band who plays the most during any given gig, the argument can be made that he's actually the hardest working ITPer. A drummer since very early in life, MIke quickly proved that his vocal harmonies were as important to the group's sound as his drumming, and he has solidified his position as the heartbeat of In The Pocket.

In The Pocket Alumni

Nick Murray

Former Pocket Position: bass, vocals

Prior to February 2011, a few members of ITP played in a band that is affectionately known as In The Pocket 1.0 - a group of young musicians that focused on jazz and soul, whose drummer was Nick Murray. But when Ben went on tour in the summer of 2013, it was Nick who stepped in and showed everyone his bass chops - a natural fit that unfortuantely was short-lived. Nick currently teaches music in Western New York.

Seth Rivers

Former Pocket Position: bass, vocals

A longtime friend of In The Pocket who covered bass in the fall of 2013, multi-instrumentalist Seth Rivers has insisted his bio be accurate and comprehensive: Seth was born in England in 1942 and got his start in the short-lived band, The Quarrymen. After leaving the group over creative differences, Seth moved to the U.S. where he worked with such bands as The Echos, Steel Mill, and Cap'n Geech & the Shrimp Shack Shooters. Seeing no future in those groups, Seth relocated to the Hudson Valley and spent time in Boston earning a degree from Berklee College of Music. Like Jared, Seth is also a member of PErFect ThYroID and The BIG Shoe.

Vince Tampio

Former Pocket Position: trumpet

When ITP (2.0) launched in February 2011, the horn section consisted not of trombone and sax, but rather trombone and trumpet. And that trumpet was played by musican/composer Vince Tampio. A native of Western New York, Vince studied music with Ben at SUNY New Paltz and joined the group just days before the first public show - a position he held until he graduated and moved away just 3 months after joining. Vince currently lives in Philadelphia, PA, where he works as a musician, composer, and audio engineer. Learn more about him and most recent project, Syzygy, at VinceTampio.com.

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